Suzanne Morrissey
Massage & Therapeutic Bodywork

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Suzanne Morrissey

Certified Massage Practitioner # 36509


Associated Bodyworkers and Massage Professionals

California Massage Therapy Council


Healing Arts Institute- Sacramento, CA

Certified Active Isolated Stretching (Mattes Method) 


Life is what you put into it, Living is what you pour out


Harnessing the powers of touch and intention I believe that everyone can achieve peace within their bodies. Massage is an effective way to get more out of your life.

Time for a change...After spending 20 years working in the medical field I found myself wanting more in my life.

so I went to school....

I trained under the guidance of Local and world renowned therapists and loved every day of it. Anatomy, physiology,kinesiology  and more importantly the power of touch.

In addition to my private practice....

A fellow classmate and I  created Trackside Massage. Bringing  pre & post event  massage to the motor sports community (facebook/ )

I love the challenge bodywork brings to the table. The rewards of seeing people getting back into their lives..gardening,skiing,cycling,enjoying life pain free,relaxed whatever goal it is they wish to achieve through massage.


Upgrading my life at 50 could not have been possible without the support of my husband, Mike and many family and friends who believed in me and to this day are my greatest fans!



Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals
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