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  • 5/5 stars July 6, 2014

    I didn't know quite what to expect, but I can't imagine a better outcome. Suzanne is a personable, approachable, highly skilled professional. She made sure she understood me and my needs before she began, and her hands, I could tell, understood well the muscles beneath them. More than that, though, Suzanne employed a variety of techniques to manipulate my back -- she wasn't just banging away at the knots for an extended period. I was flabbergasted by the gentle assisted movement techniques that she employed that I had heretofore not encountered...and I've had a fair number of professional massages in my life, many if not most of them without lasting benefit or true relief. I left Suzanne's feeling GREAT for days afterwards. I remain more limber and greatly knot-reduced. Suzanne is gentle but highly effective. This is no "fluff and buff" (although if that's your preference, I've no doubt she could accommodate you). This is a precisely tailored therapeutic session. Yes, it was an enjoyable and relaxing massage, but one that resulted for me immediately in greater mobility and reduced physical discomfort. No qualified endorsements -- she's an outstanding professional.

    Robyn F.


  • Sincere thanks for recommending Suzanne Morrissey. The service she provided was superb. All aspects of my personal requirements were discussed, in depth, before she skillfully manipulated the areas requiring the most attention. 
    The effects were almost immediately noticeable-ease of discomfort, greater mobility and flexibility. A completely different sense of well being was the successful outcome of my visit to Suzanne's lovely suite.
    Finally, although I was departing Sacremento immediately after my treatment, Suzanne took the trouble to give me a suggested action plan to assist me during the remainder of my backpacking journey, even sending me a follow up email enquiring as to my condition after a 24 hour rail journey.
    Unhesitatingly, anyone using her services, l would say is very fortunate.
    Frank Gibson
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